Job Oppurtunity

6 10 2007

One day on the internet I was minding my own business when heard a doorbell. No, not a real doorbell. This was Yahoo instant messenger.

[20:06] evgenia_cute001122: <ding>
[20:21] Unfrozen Caveman: ?
[20:21] evgenia_cute001122: hello
[20:21] evgenia_cute001122: i’m eve from uk
[20:21] evgenia_cute001122: and you?
[20:22] Unfrozen Caveman: ok

[20:22] Unfrozen Caveman: I live in Arizona
[20:22] evgenia_cute001122: ohh that lovelly
[20:22] evgenia_cute001122: may i introduce you to a job offer?
[20:22] Unfrozen Caveman: ?
[20:22] evgenia_cute001122: ?
[20:22] Unfrozen Caveman: what?
[20:23] Unfrozen Caveman: what are you talking about?
[20:23] evgenia_cute001122: We are looking for a representatives who is based in United States, Someone who his Faithful and Honest  who will be helping us recieving payments from our customers based in the states.We are willing to pay $400 or 10%  per everypayment you recieve from our clients on our behalf and you  can still keep ur regular job while you work as it wouldn’t affect your present state of job. are you intrested in the job
[20:23] evgenia_cute001122: Are you intrested?
[20:23] Unfrozen Caveman: what kind of business is this?
[20:24] evgenia_cute001122: it’s A Real Business and legit
[20:24] evgenia_cute001122: My company Is for Real
[20:24] Unfrozen Caveman: what’s it called?
[20:24] Unfrozen Caveman: what does it do?
[20:26] evgenia_cute001122: just a employee workers
[20:26] evgenia_cute001122: and you will earn ur % in it
[20:26] evgenia_cute001122: All you have to do is help us recieve payments from our reliable customers in the united States.These  payments will be coming to you in either Cashiers Check,Money Orders which are drawn on US Bank and  hey will be issued in your Name and send to you as our representatives. are you intrested in the job
[20:26] evgenia_cute001122: are you still intrested?
[20:26] Unfrozen Caveman: real companies have names and provide goods or services to customers, if you can’t tell me that much, I’m not interested
[20:27] evgenia_cute001122: i will tell you all about it
[20:27] evgenia_cute001122: Rose House House Hold Manufacturing Company In Uk
[20:28] evgenia_cute001122: This rural based Company and it’s directors are involved in a number of activities, from I.T. to engineering to agriculture to Lifestyle (Luggage and Clothing) and Tourism. The challenges are:  working with small companies and individuals in the ‘rural area of Northumberland and Cumbria – offering marketing assistance, management advice and support or, linkage with other UK or International companies, finance and sometimes …… a life-line!
[20:28] evgenia_cute001122:  This company has produced award winning Luggage and Sporting Bags at it’s factory in Cumbria for very many years using British materials and still produces their classical range in rugged cotton canvas and leather.    We also produce standard articles for the promotional, catering, hotel and laundry trades.
[20:28] evgenia_cute001122: okay?…understand?
[20:29] Unfrozen Caveman: Not exactly
[20:29] evgenia_cute001122: wht?
[20:29] Unfrozen Caveman: why would you need/trust some random internet guy
[20:29] Unfrozen Caveman: ?
[20:30] evgenia_cute001122: coz we can’t cash oversea check here in uk
[20:30] evgenia_cute001122: that is why we need a employee workers’s am for real and legit
[20:30] Unfrozen Caveman: explain how this would work again
[20:31] evgenia_cute001122:  All you have to do is help us recieve payments from our reliable customers in the united States.These  payments will be coming to you in either Cashiers Check,Money Orders which are drawn on US Bank and  hey will be issued in your Name and send to you as our representatives. are you intrested in the job
[20:31] evgenia_cute001122: sound easy enoungh?
[20:32] Unfrozen Caveman: I assume I’m to send money your way somehow?
[20:33] evgenia_cute001122: As soon as you receive any payment from any of our clients,all you need to do is take it to your Bank or a Pawn Shop or a Check Cashing Place around you and have it cashed it,then you going to deduct your $400 or 10%  from it and send whatever the remaining to the company based on instruction that will be    given to you.
[20:33] evgenia_cute001122: okay?
[20:33] Unfrozen Caveman: If you cannot accept checks from US banks, how would I send the money?
[20:34] evgenia_cute001122: as soon as you get the check cash you will have ur % in it and you will send the rest Via Western Unoin outlet Arround you to our company
[20:34] evgenia_cute001122: too easy
[20:35] Unfrozen Caveman: it certainly does sound too easy
[20:35] Unfrozen Caveman: there have got to be cheaper ways to move money from here to there
[20:36] Unfrozen Caveman: $400 or 10%, is that whichever’s more or less?
[20:36] evgenia_cute001122: you will earn 400 per transaction and you will send the rest money Via Western unoin
[20:36] evgenia_cute001122: okay?
[20:37] Unfrozen Caveman: you said $400 or 10%
[20:37] evgenia_cute001122: yep ofcourse once you are honest
[20:37] Unfrozen Caveman: ?
[20:38] evgenia_cute001122: wht?
[20:38] evgenia_cute001122: <ding>
[20:39] Unfrozen Caveman: what do you mean by “once you are honest?”
[20:39] evgenia_cute001122: just teo tell you that if you are honest with our company you will make more than that
[20:39] evgenia_cute001122: lol
[20:40] Unfrozen Caveman: ok
[20:41] Unfrozen Caveman: is that all you have to say?
[20:42] evgenia_cute001122: am tyinp
[20:42] evgenia_cute001122: I want you to be rest assured that this transaction wouldn’t cost you any amount and no tax involved in  it.All you have to do is just to receive payments which will be sent to you through Fedex or UPS courier  services from our clients and this doesn’t entails any money from you for everything will be arranged by our clients.
[20:42] evgenia_cute001122: okay?
[20:42] Unfrozen Caveman: ok
[20:43] evgenia_cute001122:   But,the problem we have is trust and honest,
But we have our way of getting anyone that have the paln to  gets away with our money,such person will be tracked down by the authority.I mean the FBI………
[20:43] evgenia_cute001122: Again Are you going to be hnest with our company?
[20:44] Unfrozen Caveman: Is English your first language?
[20:44] evgenia_cute001122: that is mistake of typing
[20:44] evgenia_cute001122: okay?…don;t worry about that
[20:44] evgenia_cute001122: sound funny?
[20:44] evgenia_cute001122: lol
[20:45] Unfrozen Caveman: What would I have to do?
[20:45] Unfrozen Caveman: To get started?
[20:46] evgenia_cute001122: If you are interested i would need you to give me your Full Name,Contact Address,Phone Number and  your e-mail address so i can send it to my client and he’ll issue and the payment to you
[20:46] evgenia_cute001122: that’s all wht i need to send you the payment Via Ups
[20:46] Unfrozen Caveman: that’s it?
[20:47] evgenia_cute001122: yep
[20:47] evgenia_cute001122: ups will need ur contact address
[20:48] evgenia_cute001122: and ur name will be on the check
[20:48] Unfrozen Caveman: and how much will I be able to keep?
[20:49] evgenia_cute001122: you will earn $400 per week annd sometime it gonna be twice a week transaction ans you can earn upto $1,000 a week
[20:49] evgenia_cute001122: so i need that information to send the payment
[20:49] Unfrozen Caveman: I would need more information
[20:49] Unfrozen Caveman: in writing
[20:50] evgenia_cute001122: wht did you need again?
[20:50] evgenia_cute001122: have told you all about the job
[20:52] evgenia_cute001122: if you are intrested i will need the information to send you the payment
[20:52] evgenia_cute001122: okay?….am for real and legit
[20:52] evgenia_cute001122: 100% assurance
[20:52] Unfrozen Caveman: No, you haven’t. You’re not being very clear, and I have a hard time believing you’re even in the UK, based on the trouble you seem to be having with the English language. Google finds nothing on the company name you gave me, and if Google can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. I’m not giving out personal information to some random person on the internet without some way to verify what you’re saying.
[20:53] Unfrozen Caveman: And there appears to be no such way.
[20:53] evgenia_cute001122: ohh ic
[20:53] evgenia_cute001122: guess that you are not intrested?
[20:53] evgenia_cute001122: byee byeee
[20:53] Unfrozen Caveman: But I am always interested in learning about new internet scams, and this has been quite interesting
[20:53] evgenia_cute001122: okay
[20:53] evgenia_cute001122: okay
[20:53] evgenia_cute001122: byeee
[20:54] Unfrozen Caveman: ok
[20:54] evgenia_cute001122: tys for wasting my time
[20:54] Unfrozen Caveman: no problem
[20:54] evgenia_cute001122: byeee
[20:54] Unfrozen Caveman: bye already