Inside-out Penis

22 07 2009

I listen to a lot of Loveline. I first heard the show while in high school, maybe a year before the relatively lame TV show appeared on MTV. Every now and then he tells a caller that before they learn otherwise, young men think the vagina works like an inside-out penis, that what gets them off is what will get a girl off. Usually, he’s telling a girl that she needs to tell her boyfriend (with words) what he needs to do to get her going. The girl isn’t getting what she wants out of sex and instead of going to the person she has sex with to solve this problem, she calls a national radio show. Maybe she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings or something. Whatever, men are not fragile. Girls also think guys should always know what to do without being told.

Anyway, as we experience life, we only get to do so through one set of eyes. Early on, we pick up that other people are experiencing similar lives. We assume a lot, and we are surprised to learn when things are different for other people. We have to learn that our bodies work differently. We also learn that our minds work differently. This we learn through experience, while we’re also fed the nonsense of the blank slate – that all the differences between boys and girls are learned. Several years ago, I noticed that girls cry a lot and gradually came to realize that they’re more emotional and less rational, but just recently it dawned on me.  Men live in their logical mind. Women do not. Clearly, women are capable of complex abstract though. They’re able to learn languages and do math. They have the ability, but for a woman the logical mind is a tool, a calculator they can use when they need to do math.

I don’t know if this makes much sense, but the first person I expressed this idea to was a woman and she knew exactly what I was trying to say before I got half my words out, as though it made more sense to her than it does to me.




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23 07 2009

Hmm…. men may not be fragile, but their ego’s are. That is not a gender biased statement, this goes the same for women.
Yes, it is very true that the woman’s mind set is an emotional one, where as the male’s is rational. For a woman, rationale is secondary (and on the contrary, men have an emotional secondary mind set). Example: We will cry for a week after a break up and then resort to logic to determine what went wrong where as men make up their minds as to what faulted the relationship first then get upset when they don’t like the answer.
Though, I will say that, anatomically speaking, vaginae are definitely much that of an inverted penis. It makes total sense that a boy would think of girl parts in that way and treat it as such (logic). But the best way to get a girl going is through her heart, by making her feel like the most wanted and appreciated female to exist in that moment, even just through her body (emotion). That’s the key to finding what makes her tick. If that doesn’t happen first it won’t matter where you touch her, it won’t “feel right” to her, and her tender parts won’t respond.

4 08 2013
Problems Getting Pregnant

Hello, I read your new stuff like every week. Your humoristic style is awesome, keep up the good work!

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