I’m a nut

30 08 2009

I have some rather uncommon and unpopular political opinions.

About two weeks ago President Obama came to Phoenix to address the VFW national convention. As with everywhere else he goes, there were protesters. Several of them were armed, including one 28 year-old Christopher Broughton who carried an AR-15 rifle slung on his shoulder. Maybe you heard about this. I learned his name from Stephen “The Bird” Lemons in the latest issue of the Phoenix NewTimes. Broughton had been keeping his last name secret, but the Arizona Republic apparently figured out what it was. According to Lemons, this rifle slinging was a publicity stunt organized by Phoenix area libertarian activist Ernest Hancock to get some traffic for his website, FreedomsPhoenix.com. He says that Hancock deliberately picked a black man to quash the notion that this armed opposition to Obama and his policies has something to do with race.

I find this armed protest thing rather amusing. I’ve often wondered why protesters aren’t more frequently armed where it’s legal. I thought about this a lot during Bush’s presidency. I’ve wondered how Secret Service and Homeland Security thugs would respond. It elicits a wide variety of responses in people. It seemed bizarre when the cable news people made a big fucking deal out of the one armed guy protesting an Obama visit in New Hampshire. Apparently this is not widely known, but there are a bunch of libertarian dorks living in that state who do everything armed. These guys are harmless:

I can’t get through the entire video, nor can I imagine why the man who made it might think anyone would want to. Clearly, they’re harmless dorks. They do sometimes get arrested, but never for anything violent. I think the Ernest Hancock crowd is made up of almost the same kind of dorks. I’ve seen video of Christopher Broughton himself and he’s so painfully libertarian-nerdy that I can’t watch more than a few seconds.

Lemons blasts the poor dork:

“I don’t want to be Joe the Plumber,” he told the [Arizona Republic]. “I don’t want to be famous.

But Broughton, who, according to the Federal Elections Commission, once gave moonhowlin’ liber-tard-ian Congressman Ron Paul $300 for his presidential run and who listed his profession as “tech mold/apprentice mold maker” (dare to dream!), was singing a slightly different tune during his appearance on conspiracy mave Alex Jones’ radio show.

Nah, Broughton wasn’t copping to his last name there, either. But he was reveling in the attention from Jones, a man who believes the “global elite” regularly gather at the Bohemian Grove retreat in Norther California to worship Beelzebub or some other occult deity, a man who believes the swine flu vaccin is poison meant for the masses, and who has been a huge supporter of the insanity that 9/11 was an inside job by the George W. Bush administration.

Lemons is starting to really irritate me. I’ve been reading the NewTimes since I came to the Phoenix area. It’s considered a left-ish rag but has always been far from perfectly “progressive.” The articles tend to be opinionated, but not necessarily in the way you’d expect (unless it’s a story about Joe Arpaio). I like this paper and wish more people would read the important articles, but I’m tired of Lemons. He’s  a sort of intellectual bully, making readers feel like they’re stupid if they don’t agree with him. It’s a technique that’s sadly effective, much more so than reasoned debate. I not really big on the rifle-carrying, but so what if some harmless dork wants to do this? So what if he doesn’t want people to know his name? So what if donated $300 to Ron Paul’s campaign.

Actually, I take some issue with that last one. I’m a fan of Ron Paul and I have been for several years, but I don’t condone electoral politics and making that contribution seems pretty foolish. Perhaps he has nothing better to spend money on. Ron Paul is the only honest and principled person in either house of congress. I don’t always agree with him, but I have so much respect for him that I really think I see him as a hero for everything he’s done and everything he’s tried to do.  He was one of 66 members of the House to vote against the USA PATRIOT act, saying “It’s my understanding the bill wasn’t printed before the vote—at least I couldn’t get it. They played all kinds of games, kept the House in session all night, and it was a very complicated bill. Maybe a handful of staffers actually read it, but the bill definitely was not available to members before the vote.” I could go on and on about why he’s so wonderful, but my point is simply that nobody who calls him a “moonhowlin’ liber-tard-ian” deserves to be listened to. In fact, anyone who uses either of those “words” about anyone can’t be taken seriously.

I do not hold Alex Jones in such high regard, but the global elite do in fact gather at least once per year at the Bohemian Grove, the deity they make a presumably fake sacrifice to  is called Moloch, and the swine flu vaccine of the 1976 did far more harm than the virus itself (which was supposed to kill a million people). The US government tries hard every year to scare all Americans into get a flu vaccine, even though it doesn’t appear at all effective. Why? Jones is the type who automatically ascribes a reason to everything government does. I’m much more likely blame stupidity, incompetence, and short-sighted selfishness than malice, not because people in government aren’t malicious, but because they’re stupid, incompetent, short-sighted, and selfish.

Regarding 9/11, I don’t believe the official story, but I don’t presume to know what actually happened, and at this point I don’t really care. It is very clear to me that our “leaders” are perfectly capable of murdering thousands to spend more of our money on the bombs, tanks, and airplanes that their friends make. How else can you explain the stupid wars our military is involved in? As General Smedley Butler titled his famous book, war is a racket. I think the problem with the hole “debate” is that many or most Americans would prefer to believe that the people who wield tremendous power over us actually care about us and would never murder us. A comforting thought for which there is no evidence. Believe what you want to believe if it helps you sleep at night.

Lemons finishes with a question:

Would Broughton and Ernie Hancock and Alex Jones applaud if someone went Lee Harvey Oswald on President Obama[?] I’m guessing the would as long as they weren’t implicated in any way.

The nation is slouching ever closer to a really ugly bout of violence cheered on by gun crazies and self-described “patriots.” Remember back in the day when it was considered bad manners – no matter if you hated the guy or not – to wish ill on the presidents?

Man, how far we’ve regressed.

I don’t think they’d applaud. I think they’d get nervous. I would. I really didn’t like the way the executive and legislative branches reacted to the events of 9-11-2001, and I’m sure I wouldn’t like the reaction to an assassination. It’s been a long time, and a lot of things have changed. I wouldn’t feel at all sad though.

Anyway, as I read that column, I realized that I’m a nut to many people, or I would be if they knew what I really think about the world. Lemons thinks I’m a nut. I think he’s a childish dick.

Can someone please proof-read this for me?

Why do most men not want to date a full figured woman?

22 08 2009

Lately, I’ve seen several threads on OKCupid’s forums asking why fat girls get little attention from guys. In each case, the original poster seems delusional about what’s going on and is looking for others to help them maintain their illusions.

In a thread titled “Why do most men not want to date a full figured woman?“, hornz102485 writes:

Why is it that men seem to be turned off when the term “full figured” is brought up? I am not lazy or a slob and yet when men see me they assume I am since I am overweight. I have tried countless diets and exercise to lose some weight, but nothing seems to help. I don’t need anyone commenting and being rude. I just want to know why men look and turn away. I am attractive and have alot to offer.

First, full-figured is a euphemism for fat and if men are turned off by the term, it’s because they know what it really means. Men are not turned on or off by words. Most of us are attracted to women and for many, that just doesn’t include fat women. We really don’t give a shit about why you’re fat or how hard you’ve tried not to be. It doesn’t matter. What matters is whether or not your appearance gives us wood. When Hornz says she doesn’t want anyone being rude, she means that she doesn’t want anyone being honest. Her insisting that she’s attractive certainly does not make it so.

If you look at her profile, you’ll see that in addition to looking somewhat like an ogre, this young woman has 1 kid, makes less than $30,000/year, dreams of meeting her prince, and can’t quite count to six.

iamjareth responds:

According to the poll in the other thread, most men DO prefer full-figured women. And so far on this one as well. Maybe they just won’t admit it. Or maybe as others have noted, it’s something else. Regardless of the “imperfection” in a man or woman, the imperfection is rarely the problem so much as having a hang up about it.

If any poll shows men preferring full-figured women, I guarantee most of the respondents were imagining actual full-figured women like Marylin Monroe or Laetitia Casta, not big tubs of goo. Either that or they’re full of shit. Then he has to lie to her about people (as if attraction works the same for men and women) having hang-ups. “No ma’am, it’s not that your body repulses me. It’s just that I have a hang-up about repulsive bodies.” Whatever.

geekadmirer says:

There are men who prefer big women to thinner women so you don’t have to worry.

Is this a joke? Yes, there are chubby-chasers out there, but not nearly in sufficient numbers to satisfy the massive hordes of massive women in existence today.

After my honest response to the thread, Hornz came back with this:

Wow, some very rude ignorant a**holes out there. I don’t care how you view me. I can only be me. However, I don’t look at a big guy and get grossed out, nor do I look at a thin man like that. I don’t think that men are ugly just cuz they are heavy. I guess there are just some really shallow people out there.

What is this tit-for-tat thing she does here? You’re not grossed out by fat guys, therefore it’s a character flaw on my part if I’m grossed out by you? I get annoyed at people who ask questions only to lash out when people actually try to answer them.

AbApt24 chimes in making excuses for not digging chubby chicks:

Why is being chubby or obese unattractive? Because the impression is you don’t take care of yourself, and no matter what you say you can’t convince us otherwise. I mean it works both ways, girls don’t like fat guys either.

No, being chubby or obese is unattractive because it’s unattractive, the same way being a tree is unattractive to humans. It may work both ways to some extent, but don’t pretend it’s the same.

The thread then turns full retard with a post by myrddwn, a man in a polyamorous relationship with a rather large woman:

Most people, men included, can not overcome their cultural programing.  Right now, our society views skinny as attractive.  Look around at the intelligence of the people bashing fatties here, and you can plainly see that its the dumb, ignorant hicks that want skinny bitches.  They dont know any better.  They also want big trucks, big screen TV’s, the latest cell phone, because advertisers tell them to want that stuff, and think if they have these things, they will be cool, or happy, or something. So what if most men dont want you, chances are, you dont want them.  Superficial ‘tards anyway.

Does anything need to be said?

Moving on…

In “Why do average-full figured women get overlooked???“, sabrinalee2010 writes:

I am not overly “full figured” but I have my curves and I love them, I am a proud size 14, which if you do your research is the average healthy size for a female in the united states…I am healthy, I jog and I eat right….but what [floors] me is the guys today overlooking a size 14 or 16 woman for a girl that is a 00…why??? It’s not like a persons size makes them more or less capable of loving you. I think people today get too focused on what a girl looks like in a bikini and what the public sees as “beautiful” when a beautiful person should be someone that loves themselves and others….

First off, full-figured is a euphamism for fat, although this girl really isn’t all that big. Here again she’s looking to blame what men are attracted to on society. That, and there’s this constant need for these bigger girls to pretend that the only alternative to their heft is 5-year-meth-addict skinny. Fat women, you’re problem is not that you aren’t shaped like a runway model; it’s that you are shaped like a panda bear. There are a lot of women who resemble neither and plenty of men who find them attractive.

The responses start out fun and light-hearted until Tru24m jumps in with:

The disrespect to larger women stems from the insecure little boys who are so self concious about themselves that they don’t dare admit that they find anyone attractive who isn’t the socially accepted size zero.  For whatever reason twiggy women are held on some crazy undeserved pedistal, even when they’re actually ugly as sin.  I fail to see how ribs and pencil sharp hip bones poking out at unnatural angles is sexy, but society says it is, therefore it has to be.

Did someone ask about respect? No, the original question is about guys picking thin girls over thick girls for mating purposes. Tru24m, if you’re attracted to women that other men avoid, there’s absolutely nothing to be upset about. Clearly, you should be happy about this.

American Head Charge – RIP

17 08 2009

(August 11th, 2009) – MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA – International recording and touring act American Head Charge is hanging up their hat and disbanding. Citing singer Cameron Heacock’s “inability to continue on a musical career path,” the Minneapolis based hard-rock/industrial band is changing their name and beginning the audition process for a new vocalist.

AHC, who have worked with greats like Rick Rubin and toured the globe extensively with such bands as Slipknot, Slayer, Mudvayne, and System Of A Down, see this as an opportunity to finally get the ball rolling.

“This is not the kind of news I enjoy being the bearer of, but we’ve been ready and waiting for input from Cameron for almost two years; we’ve written and recorded two albums worth of material in that time.” says co-founder and bassist Chad Hanks. “At this point, he no longer gives being in this band any sort of top priority, which is so sad seeing as how he has such an amazing and unique voice; I couldn’t wait to hear it on these songs.

“However, we’re looking forward to some new blood; a young, hungry soul that doesn’t sound like anyone else and is ready to work his ass off. We’re more than eager to get back to the mines. This is what we do.”

I saw this band about 4 years ago with Otep. They were amazing, one of my favorite performances ever. Check their songs here, “Loyalty” in particular. That was the only one I had heard when I saw them. Maybe I should try to be their new singer.

I fucking hate cops

16 08 2009

Go watch this video. It’s almost an hour long. It’s called the Largest Street Gang in America, and I can only find it on myspace video which can’t be embedded here on wordpress.com, for some reason.

Having worked security and having been the victim of serious property crimes, I’ve had some encounters with cops that were not all negative. However, pretty much nothing good ever came out of calling the cops for anything, and I’ve certainly been treated worse than I deserved a few times. They don’t seem to have much interest in actual crime where there’s a victim. Also, I find that I want to stab people in the forehead when they say you don’t have anything to worry about if you’re not doing anything wrong. All the people arrested in the video weren’t committing any crimes, including the guy who was shot and killed by a cop.

I know, I know. It’s the corrupt 99% that give the good 1% a bad name. Seriously kids, a lot of people are able to mentally write off this shit as being a few bad apples.


10 08 2009

OKCupid is a free dating website where I’ve had a profile for years. I quit trying to meet women on the internet a while ago, but the site is still fun for people who aren’t looking, which can be rather frustrating to the people who are, but oh well. Anyway, they have forums, and in these forums people bitch and moan about not being able to find what they want. There’s a lot of shit you see over and over again. These people are frequently immune to good advice and only want others to jump in and tell them what they want to hear to make them feel better about themselves. On top of this, a great deal of the advice people give is stupid and wrong. Fat girls ask why they get no attention and people, including dudes, reply that some girls don’t like fat girls, but there are plenty who do or some other such nonsense. Once in a while, people say something brilliant.

In a thread asking if women are really attracted to men who make them laugh, Sasy1 writes:

Hell Yeah we find funny attractive…its the first thing we notice! Right after your face, your ass and your ring finger, oh and don’t forget the whole “got a job” thing! Seriously tho… charisma is way more imprortant than making me laugh. If you can make me feel more sexy and desirable with one look you will get a lot farther than cracking jokes. That is one of the fastest ways to get in to the “friend” catagory. Dont get me wrong I’m not saying you have to be Don Juan or a dick to pick up women. We do like funny, most of us just like it when you are in to us and can have a great time with out the stand up act.

Perfect! That’s how women work, though they don’t all realize it.

OKCupid shall provide me with tons of material for this blog

Genetic Sexual Attraction

4 08 2009

When young children grow up together they become desensitized to later sexual attraction. This is called the Westermark effect after Finnish anthropologist Edvard Westermarck. This occurs whether or not the children are related. It’s why people can be as repulsed by the thought of being with their step-siblings as they are with blood relatives. When children grow up away from family members this effect never occurs and for some reason there is often an extremely powerful sexual attraction if they meet later in life as adults. It is powerful enough that many act on it knowing exactly what they are doing. This happens between siblings, half-siblings, mother and son, father and daughter, and reportedly even between members of the same sex. People destroy their own relationships, families, and careers to be with someone society doesn’t allow them to be with. In most of the stories I’ve read or heard, the sexual relationship doesn’t last, but there are some couples who insist on being together no matter the cost.

It sounds crazy, but when you hear people who’ve been through this describe what happend, you know there’s something to it. If you have about 37 minutes to spare, check out this link to a CBC radio program. Listen to part 2 and the first part of part 3.  The woman being interviewed, Aziza Sindhu, replays interviews from 2 cases.

To the best of my knowlegde, I don’t have any close relatives that I didn’t know as a child, so I don’t think I have to worry about this, but I know someone who does.

More stories:

Brother and Sister, and Lovers – ABC News

The Brother and Sister Who Fell in Love – buzzle.com – a sibling couple with 4 children together, determined to stay together

Forbidden Love Between Siblings – ABC News again – another couple determined to stay together

Parted-at-Birth twins ‘married’ – BBC News – These two didn’t know they were siblings when they got married. The story brings up the idea that it’s important for adopted to children to know about their birth parents so that this doesn’t happen. However, most of these relationships occur when relatives seek each other out and wouldn’t happen if this information was never available.

Cool, huh?