10 08 2009

OKCupid is a free dating website where I’ve had a profile for years. I quit trying to meet women on the internet a while ago, but the site is still fun for people who aren’t looking, which can be rather frustrating to the people who are, but oh well. Anyway, they have forums, and in these forums people bitch and moan about not being able to find what they want. There’s a lot of shit you see over and over again. These people are frequently immune to good advice and only want others to jump in and tell them what they want to hear to make them feel better about themselves. On top of this, a great deal of the advice people give is stupid and wrong. Fat girls ask why they get no attention and people, including dudes, reply that some girls don’t like fat girls, but there are plenty who do or some other such nonsense. Once in a while, people say something brilliant.

In a thread asking if women are really attracted to men who make them laugh, Sasy1 writes:

Hell Yeah we find funny attractive…its the first thing we notice! Right after your face, your ass and your ring finger, oh and don’t forget the whole “got a job” thing! Seriously tho… charisma is way more imprortant than making me laugh. If you can make me feel more sexy and desirable with one look you will get a lot farther than cracking jokes. That is one of the fastest ways to get in to the “friend” catagory. Dont get me wrong I’m not saying you have to be Don Juan or a dick to pick up women. We do like funny, most of us just like it when you are in to us and can have a great time with out the stand up act.

Perfect! That’s how women work, though they don’t all realize it.

OKCupid shall provide me with tons of material for this blog




3 responses

10 08 2009
Mark Brooks

Great feedback on OKcupid, thanks. I work with Plentyoffish.com, their competitor. Perhaps you could share your opinion on that site as well.

11 08 2009

Good advice holds those accountable that choose to follow it, and who wants that? Repetition of bad dates/relationships is far more comfortable than making changes that would promote a step in the right direction in aquiring what you want.

28 02 2010
Matt Savage

Unfortunately, a lot of guys seem to take the whole “be funny” thing too far and as the forum poster mentioned, they try to turn their conversation threads into a stand-up act. Sure it’s entertaining, like a dancing monkey, but that’s not what gets a guy laid. It’s more Daniel Craig than it is Jerry Seinfeld.

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