Plenty of Fish

1 09 2009

Mark said:

I work with, their competitor. Perhaps you could share your opinion on that site as well.

Sure. That site sucks. I actually have a profile there that I made years ago. It’s very out-dated. I don’t know how to delete it. The look and feel of the site is just horrible. All thumbnails are uncropped squares, and whatever algorithm re-sizes them does a horrible job, so everyone looks like they’re fat and have bad skin. That’s not to say they aren’t fat and don’t have bad skin, but you have to go to their profile to find out. Even then, as I seem to remember, the pictures are limited to a rather small resolution so you don’t get a very good look anyway. A friend of mine met the least impressive girl I’ve ever seen him with on that site. I don’t really know how though. I can’t find anything there, including the quit button.

Oh wait, I seem to have found it. My profile is deleted. Cool.

The forums don’t look so bad, though.




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