Some advice for young people

7 09 2009

For girls:

Don’t be a stripper.

For boys:

Don’t date strippers.



4 responses

7 09 2009
Ferdinand Bardamu

“For boys:

Don’t date strippers.”

What’s wrong with strippers? They’re hot and they know how to fuck. If you had said “Don’t marry strippers,” I’d agree.

7 09 2009

lol 🙂

10 09 2009
johnni k

that’s not very nice – strippers are people too ya kno…and are you even familiar with the world of these entertainers or have you just had a negative experience with one…or are you just basing your information off of the stereotypes the world has placed on this industry???

it would be wise to not place yourself into the hateful world of stereotyping and perhaps open your point of view to the areas of the world you don’t understand.

13 09 2009

Johnny K, it takes a certain mentality to make a living by removing your clothing and being a cock tease, and this mentality tends to not be suitable for healthy relationships. It’s not stereotyping, it just is what it is. Stereotyping would be like saying all black people like fried chicken and basketball, when that would be an unfair assumption, seeing as in race is not a choice. Being a stripper is a choice, usually followed by a love of easy money and the need for a shit ton of male attention. Mr. Caveman is not being hateful, I’m sure he knows that stippers are not necessarily bad people, it’s just not a good idea to date one, should you want a happy wholesome relationship.

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