Of course strippers are people

11 09 2009

Hi, Johnni K. Thank you for checking out my page. It is not my intention to offend anyone, but on this page I refuse to bite my tongue. I make generalizations. I find them useful.

I have, in fact, had a negative experience with a stripper, but that was a long time ago and is not at all what motivated my post on the matter. I do not go to strip clubs, but I have met a lot of strippers, nevertheless. I see how they behave, and I see what happens with the guys that get involved with them. It never seems to work all that well. There’s a lot to it, but the big thing I see is that girls that do that for any length of time just don’t seem to have much respect for men.

I don’t hate or even dislike these girls. I just don’t think it’s a good idea to date them.


I must address the accusation that I’m stereotyping. Yes, I do that. It’s not hateful. Most stereotypes are true. Black people really do like fried chicken. If you’re an exception to a general rule, good for you.

Also, this idea came out when I was talking to someone about giving advice to young people, particularly one’s own children. “Don’t date strippers” is what came out. It seemed obvious enough, but I encountered resistance. The men who are most likely to disagree with me seem to be the ones who didn’t know they had this option. Maybe they don’t, but that doesn’t make my advice wrong. Those most likely to agree are guys that know, have known, or have dated strippers. One guy married one. It didn’t work out.

I did once work with a guy who almost exclusively dated strippers. Before he went to prison, he was dating someone who became a stripper when he suggested it. He might be out now.

One more thing, there was this show on one of the pay cable channels called Family Business. It was a reality show staring porn star, director, and entrepreneur Adam Glasser (aka Seymour Butts) and his family who were also involved in the business. I saw an episode where Adam was trying to meet women. He was getting set up with them or finding them on the internet or something and going out on dates with them. None of them seemed all that cool with his chosen profession. He acted as if there was something wrong with their reaction, as if it was unexpected. I remember thinking about how it couldn’t be all that hard for a male porn star/director to get some strange, but that’s not what he was looking for. He was lonely and wanted a girlfriend who wasn’t in the industry. Sorry dude, that isn’t on the path you chose. Deal with it.

It should not be that unusual for anyone to shy away from a guy (or a girl) that has sex with strangers for money. Stripping might be a step or two away from that, but it can get pretty damn close.



One response

27 11 2010

I bet you and your friends have had more failed relationships with girls who aren’t strippers than girls who are.

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