Ask Me a Question

22 11 2009

I’ve been scolded for not posting anything fresh here in a while. I need some inspiration. If you’re reading this, please ask me a question and I shall do my best to answer it, provided it’s not immensely personal or incredibly stupid. I know a lot of shit. I did this several years ago and the best question was, “Why can’t anarchy work?” I answered it without rejecting the premise. Maybe I’ll just answer that again.

F. Roger Devlin

8 11 2009

There are 4 articles by F. Roger Devlin relating to changes in Western mating habits that are available online. If there are any more, I don’t know about them. He writes for the Occidental Quarterly, which is extremely politically incorrect. I haven’t read much of the work published there, but I’m sure that many of the authors are widely considered to be white supremacists or at least racial nationalists or something. I don’t much care, as these articles are not about race. Ignoring that, many are still likely to find this author extremely offensive. Devlin has nothing good to say about feminism. Not now, not in 1962, not ever. That and he says things like, “Marriage, like most useful things, was probably invented by men…”

The first is Sexual Utopia in Power (pdf), published in the Summer 2006 issue of the Occidental Quarterly. He talks describes how feminism came about and changed things with greater clarity and understanding than I’ve seen anywhere else.

The second is Rotating Polyandry – And It’s Enforcers (pdf), published in the Summer 2007 issue of the Occidental Quarterly. He reviews two books, one asking why women leave seemingly happy marriages, and one about the ruthlessness of the state in punishing men for marrying women that later leave them. Any male considering marriage needs to read this twice.

The third is called The Feminine Sexual Counter-Revolution and it’s Limitations (pdf), written for but not published in the Occidental Quarterly. Here he reviews a recent book by Wendy Shalit (author of A Return to Modesty).

The fourth is simply called Home Economics (html), and was published in several parts on a website called The Last Ditch. This is sort-of a repackaging of the same ideas. If you read none of the rest, read this.

Thinking of Giving Up

6 11 2009

No, not me. I already gave up a long time ago. This guy, jerryv87:

Women think they are queens. They know nothing about domestic stuff. Every single woman – does not know how to cook, don’t give me the time of the day when I might use some emotional support, lap it up when they need it, feel entitled to live off my money when we go out. My last live in gf could not even figure out how to vacuum the carpets once in a while.

I can bang any chick any time I want. They dig me. Relationships look like a raw deal for men. Its like taking care of a kid who thinks she belongs on a pedestal and I am her effin slave.

My uncle got cleaned out by his wife in the divorce. She cheated on him with a guy at work. Took the house, car, and has primary custody of the kid. He now rents an apartment, and is still paying child support. He owned the house before he even met that bi***.

The whole thing is run for the women. We are just slaves for them.

I always wanted a girl like my mom. She ran a business, but she always cooked for us. My dad did all other chores. They just don’t make them like that anymore.

Maybe I should just be a rich bachelor than a sucker like my uncle.

This kid is 22 and that is how he started a thread on the OkCupid forums. He also posted a poll asking if the modern American woman is even worth it. I said ‘no’.

He’s getting a lot of heat, more than I would’ve expected. In fact, a handful of people are strongly urging him to kill himself.

An overweight 39 year-old woman said this:

…unless you’re a total, absolute moron (which is eminently possible, mind you — this is the internet), you’re already aware that there tons of healthy, well-adjusted women interested in being a true partner in a relationship, and what you really need to learn is how to attract those types of women.

It’s very likely that Jerry picks crappy girls to spend his time with, but I can hardly think of any women I’d describe as well-adjusted. Apparently, I’m a total, absolute moron. I think what she’s really saying is that there are tons of desperate older fat women who will put forth a lot more effort than the spoiled brats Jerry goes after.

Jerry responds to the heat by calling the males manginas, and I think the term applies.

A girl advises him to off himself and a guy jumps in to share this sentiment.

After that it gets boring. I don’t know why I’m sharing this, exactly. I think I’m going to go deep into the writings of F. Roger Devlin. The man is brilliant.