Ask Me a Question

22 11 2009

I’ve been scolded for not posting anything fresh here in a while. I need some inspiration. If you’re reading this, please ask me a question and I shall do my best to answer it, provided it’s not immensely personal or incredibly stupid. I know a lot of shit. I did this several years ago and the best question was, “Why can’t anarchy work?” I answered it without rejecting the premise. Maybe I’ll just answer that again.




One response

19 02 2010
DC Handgun Info

Dear Caveman:

Do you own guns? Just curious…

I’m a gun nut in D.C.’s Virginia suburbs with a wife, son, two cats, and a blog called DC Handgun Info. I blog anonymously in case I say something horrendous that could cost me my job or sanity (see: Roissy).

Good luck with your blog!!

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