The Least Interesting Man In The World

4 02 2010
  • In 2003 he switched from briefs to boxers. Three months later, he switched back.
  • His favorite flavor is plain.
  • He drives a silver 2003 Honda Accord. Beige was unavailable.
  • He rarely initiates a conversation about anything, but when he does it’s usually about the weather.
  • He drinks decaf with a little cream and no sugar.
  • His apartment is entirely void of hot sauce.
  • If you go to dinner with him, chances are good that he’ll order the same thing as you.
  • He calls his mom at least once a week. She almost always ends the conversation.

“I don’t often drink beer, but when I do… oh, I guess I usually get Bud Light… or maybe… Miller Lite. I had Corona once; that was pretty good. Blah blah blah…”




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