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11 02 2010

“WhigLite: I find the bigger error – at least in terms of its prevalence here – is blowing up minor differences into huge ones”

It’s a shame WhigLite can’t apply his own principles to himself.

12 02 2010
D. Lynn Thompson

“as if everyone of one sex is a lil dee dee dee”

I’m sorry, but could someone please translate this?WhigLite’s biggest problem appears to be finding a completely coherent sentence.

Of course genders are different. Anyone who says otherwise is not too terribly observant. Gender is not something that can be removed. All people “do gender” in some fashion. To say that all members of any gender are the same, however would be misguided and equally unobservant.

16 02 2010

Whiglite is a retard. He can barely articulate meaning through his vague pompous prose.

23 02 2010

Your okCupid posts are truly interesting. I was aware of their sporadically published stats, but you made me realize that the whole web page is of relevance to anyone interested in social/gender dynamics. Keep up the good work!

25 03 2010

Just when I thought I was safe. Don’t ask…

6 08 2010

The problem with the “sexes are different” is that you cannot prove it one way or another.

I lived for many years in Indonesia and saw things and behaviour that was considered completely ‘natural’ there, but which seemed odd to my European eyes. I’m sure the reverse was equally true. As one mode of behaviour might be ‘natural, in the biological sense, but not both, one has to conclude that one or both are culturally based.

What part of our gender (as opposed to the obvious ‘sex’ differences) is culturally defined and what is biologically determined? Armed with the experience in another culture, I reserve the right to be sceptical about those who point to commonly seen behaviours and claim them to be biologically determined. Where’s the proof? Where’s the control group? Of course, such a purely scientifically designed experiment cannot be done; you cannot simply deposit babies on an island and let them work out gender roles without any form of outside influence. However, I’ve seen, heard and read enough examples of differences to conclude that much of what we regard as ‘normal’ are only normal in our time and culture.

After all, there have even been studies to see if girls are more attracted to pink than boys. Yet, only 100 years ago pink was a boy’s colour. The idea that you might dress a girl in pink was considered as outrageous as dressing a boy in pink would be today (at least in ‘western’ cultures).

6 08 2010
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