I got nothin

6 03 2010

I should have something later, though. For now, learn about vajazzling, or getting vajazzled. I will never again find Jennifer Love Hewitt attractive.




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7 03 2010


7 03 2010
D. Lynn Thompson

That is just strange. How does she know men like this? Why would a man like this? Why would any woman with the sense God gave a rock think it is ok to put glue there? Why would any woman want to put ANYTHING there after just having all her hair ripped out by the root? This is wrong on SO many levels…

8 03 2010

It sounds incredibly stupid, but I honestly have not yet seen or felt a vajazzled vulva, so I can only speculate that I would not like it at all.

Girly girl’s do silly things to feel pretty (tiaras), and this is just the silliest thing of all, so far.

7 03 2010
We have TRIUMPHED! | In Mala Fide

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