Why do Women Wear Make-up and Perfume?

16 03 2010

…cuz they’re ugly and they stink.

I was reminded of this joke by the last video on this page at a blog titled Man Woman & Myth.




6 responses

17 03 2010
D. Lynn Thompson

The same reason men make lots of money and buy expensive cars.

17 03 2010

It’s a joke, sunshine.

18 03 2010

What depresses me is that the video you linked to – which is an anti-feminist woman reading out radical feminist statements – gets a load of hate comments from people thinking she is endorsing those sentiments.

It’s nearly as bad as when people don’t get my satire pieces and angrily criticise the fictional people I invented.

18 03 2010
D. Lynn Thompson

So was mine, starshine.

31 08 2010
Missing Women « Unfrozen Caveman

[…] because they’re pretty and they smell nice. I get the sense that he feels like he’s really taking the gloves off here. I wonder whether […]

27 09 2011

Wow. Those radical feminists definitely give the other feminists a bad name.

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