Fried Chicken Gristle

13 06 2010

After cutting excess fat from some chicken I was preparing, I thought I might try and fry it up to get some liquid fat with which I might use to fry some other food. As the pieces fried, they began to resemble the white part of bacon, and I thought I might try and eat them. I fried the fat chunks for probably at least 20 minutes, added some Korean dumpling sauce, and at them. Very tasty. I think fat tissue becomes very edible if you cook it longer than it takes to cook the meat its normally attached to. I might try this with steak.




2 responses

15 06 2010
Sheila Tone

I, too, have had fat attached to meat get tougher when I cooked it hoping it would become liquid or at least tender. Maybe there’s something else in the gristle besides fat?

16 06 2010

As someone who can’t cook, I have to say this disturbs me somewhat.

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