Why are men intimidated by ______ women?

30 06 2010

This is a rewrite from almost a year ago.

Men are not intimidated by strong, powerful, fat, funny, short, tall, bald, shockingly promiscuous, ugly, bitchy, stupid, smart, or mean women. Very often on OKCupid, I see women asking if men are intimidated by [adjective] women, because they simply don’t want to believe that they’re only attractive enough to receive what little attention from men they get. Here, intimidation can be seen as a euphemism for “not attracted to” when the only women that men are routinely intimidated by are the ones that are the most physically attractive, women whose mere sight induces physiological changes in the opposite sex – rise in pulse, blood pressure, hormonal balance, and whatnot. Very few women are intimidating as such.

If there’s any reality to these women’s perspectives, men might not want to get involved with women of higher status. I don’t want to date a woman who earns a lot more money than I do because I know she won’t look up to me. Call this insecurity or whatever, but I just know it won’t work. I also don’t want to date a cop, a lawyer, or anyone with significant political power. There may be something to the smart thing for some men, but not for me. It’s very rare for me to meet anyone who seems smarter to me than I think I am, so I don’t really know. With girls of interest, this has happened exactly once, and I loved it. Very exciting.




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30 06 2010

Not all women look up to men based on how much money they make. If I were to find a trait to admire and adore in a man, it would be his intellect. Not all men who make money are smart, just as not all men who are smart are well off. I certainly can’t speak for all women, but it would be a requirement for him to not only be smart, but smarter than me. His income in not necessarily important.

3 07 2010
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4 07 2010
Vodka and Ground Beef

I was my high school’s class treasurer in 11th grade. Does that count as intense political power? Do you think I should stop telling men that about me?

6 07 2010

Men aren’t intimidated by ______ women. It’s something women tell themselves to bolster their ego when they’ve been rejected, dumped, etc.

A lot say men are intimidated by smart women. Honestly, out of most every guy I’ve known (including myself), men are more embarrassed by dumb girlfriends than smart ones.

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