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31 08 2010

They certainly aren’t cut out for such a life. So far as the “risk-taker” mentality needed to be a successful entrepreneur, women are far too hormonal and emotional to do it properly, as our first method of dealing with the outside world is through our feelings and not our logic. I don’t care how smart they are, or what kind of credentials they have, they may as well take their degree and use it as a tampon when it comes to business. All of the places I’ve worked have been run by women. All but one, and that “one” was a well-run, efficient business with little to no complications. The others were dramatic, tear-stained clusterfucks causing me to walk around pretending to have testicles if I wanted to get anything done. If I had it my way I would never work under a woman, and not because she’s “intimidating”, as I hear a lot of them say, but because they are not capable to properly handle a position of authority. Men are biologically designed to be in these positions, and for good reason.

1 09 2010

why does life-experience always seem to lead to internet-misogyny?
i don’t think i’d ever like to work under a (wo)man.

i was biologically designed to be in this position, and for good reason.

5 09 2010

I wonder how many of the women lobbying to “change the ratios” would be willing to sign a petition to “equalize the ratio” of mandatory enrollment in the selective service.

5 09 2010
Linkage is Good for You: Still Playing Catch-Up Edition (NSFW)

[…] Caveman – “Missing Women“, “The Wikileaks […]

10 09 2010
namae nanka

It’s the absolute lack of logic that one would try and find talent from women instead of men, it’s like betting on the underdogs till the last penny runs out.

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