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13 09 2010

It really is simple,

If they have the freedom to do with their bodies as they will,

I have the freedom to think about it as I will.

What is it to me if you are fat, they ask… What is it to you if I think you are fat, is what I reply. In the first case you destroy my visual pleasure, screw with my taxes, and make my three hour flights hell. In the latter case, there is no effect.

Such are rights. You cannot have a right by denying my right, even if in today’s world, it increasingly is happening in this way, forced by PC laws.

I suspect that very soon, slut shaming, fat shaming, or any other opinion will be included in the hate speech category.

13 09 2010

I like the photo!

So that is what a feminist looks like – but what is a feminist?

This is the view of most ordinary people, a view that I have to agree with –

Feminists are resentful, belligerent and quarrelsome women. They are also usually ignorant and misinformed with weak self control. Feminists use to be called ‘men haters’ and ‘troublemakers’. They have always been around throughout human history and their main intent is to create ill will, bad feeling, and malice between men and women, usually by unfounded assertions – even lies. The term to describe them is ‘misandrists’, who have an attitude of ‘misandry’.

The cause is the maternal instinct which regards men as either a mating object when in lust, or a potential danger to the family unit to be driven away when not, by making life as difficult as possible. The male equivalent – male aggression – is the pack hunting instinct. Throughout history this has resulted in armies and wars.

Mature and well balanced people recognise the problems and control their instincts and emotions using basic social skills and practical common sense, something the selfish feminist is very lacking in.

Is this your view?

14 09 2010

The pic killed me. Thankyou.

19 09 2010
Linkage is Good for You: You’re Not Going to Read This Headline So Why Should I Make an Effort Edition (NSFW)

[…] Unfrozen Caveman – “Fat Chicks, Sluts, and Feminists” […]

6 10 2010

I am confused about your ideas on the double standard. Why is a woman who sleeps around not a good candidate for a long term relationship, at the same time that a man who sleeps around is not a problem?

I personally don’t think sleeping around is a good idea for anyone, because it’s empty and kind of upsetting (at least to me). However, I’m not going to hate on anyone who does it – man or woman.

Why do you think it’s ok for one and not the other?

8 10 2010

Why do you think it’s ok for you to have a view on this but not for someone else to?

6 10 2010

Why do you think women who sleep around are good candidates for a long term relationship Katherine?

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