Oh My!

9 12 2010

Ferdinand Bardamu, one of my favorite bloggers, over at In Mala Fide, has published the home addresses and telephone numbers of Julian Assange’s accusers, Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen. I will not repost this info, make any effort to verify its accuracy, or suggest that anyone use this info for any purpose. According to the comments, the fine folks at 4chan (aka b-tards) have become aware of this information. Understand that 4chan is probably home to those who’ve been launching retaliation cyber attacks against those who’ve wronged Wikileaks/Assange, such as Amazon.com and the government of Sweden.

Prepare to be entertained. Get some popcorn and have a seat.

Also, Ferdinand and The Spearhead are both reporting a massive increase in traffic over the past few days, apparently because people are looking for info on these women and the major media outlets aren’t publishing it. I must say, I’m experiencing this too. I’ve never seen traffic like this before. It’s pretty fucking amazing.

While I potentially have an unusually large audience, I’d like to draw your attention to what Joseph Lieberman is saying:

Julian Assange, an Australian, is guilty of treason against the United States for publishing leaked documents? I don’t usually bother spending energy on hating people, but I really fucking hate this guy.




6 responses

9 12 2010
Orwell's Dreams

Lieberman is the perfect modern day Nazi.

9 12 2010
Bonita Caracciolo

I’m with you. I can’t stand this wishy-washy, mealy-mouthed zionist jerkoff! There’s a reason, apparently, that the US has not chosen thus far to prosecute Julian Assange. We may or may not find that out. I was glad, in a way, that he brought up my personal hero, Bradley Manning. But that poor, low-level guy is going to get ground into dust by the government and the military if people forget about him. DON’T forget PFC Bradley Manning who, it has been reported, is being held at the Marine Corps Brig at Quantico, VA. He has limited access to the outside but it is understood that he recently (and finally) acquired legal representation.
Also, Lieberman- talks about the defense authorization budget by making it sound like without passage all American soldiers will be left with nothing to protect them. Ha! He pointed out that the last time such a bill was NOT passed was in the 1960s- can you say the American War in Vietnam?
And then he finishes by freaking out about having to work through the Chrismas holidays (he’s a Jew by the way) and then talks about lunch.
These guys don’t give a rat’s ass about anything they say. They just say it.
Keep up the good work and thanks for the clip.

11 12 2010

i don’t understand one thing: how he can be guilty of treason against the U.S. when he is not a citizen of that country? I guess the definition for a traitor is somebody that works against his own country.

11 12 2010

* that the definition for……

12 12 2010
Will S.

claudiu: To a neo-con, everyone who isn’t American is already guilty of ‘treason’ against America, just by existing, and not trying to emigrate to the U.S.

12 12 2010
Linkage is Good for You: Ethnic Stereotyping Edition

[…] Caveman – “BULLSHIT! – Julian Assange Behind Bars!“, “Oh My!“, “Read Fred – On Wikileaks and […]

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