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12 12 2010
I’ve been much remiss in this… « Starting from the Middle of the Story

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12 12 2010
Linkage is Good for You: Ethnic Stereotyping Edition

[…] Unfrozen Caveman – “BULLSHIT! – Julian Assange Behind Bars!“, “Oh My!“, “Read Fred – On Wikileaks and Feminism” […]

21 12 2010
Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall

I think it’s important to remember 2 things in the feminist/Wikileaks controversy: 1) that the federal government effectively infiltrated and smashed the feminist movement, just as they did the civil rights movement, the anti-war movement, the progressive movement and 2) that the rabid, arrogant, ball-breaking stereotype feminists enjoy in the mainstream media is mainly the one the US government created for them. Unfortunately the US intelligence role played America’s feminist poster girl Gloria Steinem is still largely invisible to most Americans. In 1976 Steinem blocked Random House from publishing details about her CIA past (see A great pity – as its publication might have changed history for American women. Betty Friedan, the founder of NOW, publicly confronted Steinem for deliberately sowing dissension and trying to break up the organization. Steinem also very effectively used Ms magazine to create massive divisions between professional and working class feminists and between feminists and progressive men. In addition African American activists have long been aware that the FBI was planting so-called “black feminists” in civil rights organizations to break them up. More recently evidence has surfaced that Steinem created and ran this operation (see I (I’m a woman, despite my name) ran across some of these agents when I worked with a group creating an African American Museum in Seattle. I write about it in my recent memoir: THE MOST REVOLUTIONARY ACT: MEMOIR OF AN AMERICAN REFUGEE ( I currently live in exile in New Zealand.

10 07 2011
Linkpost, 7/10/11 « Organicist

[…] Caveman – Read Fred – On Wikileaks and Feminism, Why Do You Hate Fat […]

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