Shitty Stories

29 07 2011

I quit wiping my ass about six months ago, at home anyway.  I guess I still wipe when I have to shit away from home, but I never do anymore when I’m home.  I got this dog a while back and trained him to lick my ass after I shit.  It doesn’t irritate my anus like toilet paper, it’s cleaner than ever, and every once in a while I have surprise orgasm!  I didn’t really train him to do this.  I mean, it wasn’t exactly my idea.  See, when I first got him, he would never leave my side and would annoying try to follow me into the bathroom.  I was in a hurry to shit one time and didn’t have time to kick him out before I shut the door.  While I sat on the toilet, I was playing an online game on my phone as I tend to do.  When I stood up to wipe, I finished my turn and right as I set my phone down he started licking.  I swatted him away wiped my ass with toilet paper like a normal person but there was nothing left to get.  Now, I don’t know if it’s from using shitty (haha) toilet paper, eating too much spicy food, or just being a major pussy, but every now and then my asshole gets really irritated and when this happens I absolutely dread wiping my ass.  So, the next time this happened I called Steven (my dog) into the bathroom, and just like he did before, he wiped my asshole clean in about two seconds.  After a few more times it felt totally normal to do this and now I don’t think too much about it.  The first orgasm didn’t happen for about two months after I started doing this, and it wasn’t really an orgasm-orgasm, more like a mini-orgasm that some women have some times.  I don’t cum or anything.  It’s very sharp and very brief.  I don’t consider this beastiality because neither I nor Steven are doing this for sexual gratification.

I thought of another shitty story when I woke up this morning, but I can’t remember it now 😦



2 responses

29 05 2013

I understand how it feels i also dont whipe and oneday i was naked looking under the sink for somthing and out of no were he started licking my ass i didnt kno what to do so i sat there it felt real good finally after 10 min i had to stop him cuz he almost fucked me in my ass but every now and then i invite him to lick it or sometimes he sneaks up on me again

19 10 2016
Bob springer

Damn, I wish I were your dog. I’d willingly lick you clean every time.

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