2 08 2011

I just got an e-mail letting me know that someone “hacked” my wordpress.com account.  He said that, “someone put up a defamatory post allegedly about you.”  At least, he hopes that what happened.  That isn’t what happened.  I wrote that.  It’s a story I made up.  It’s the type of humor that goes over well with my co-workers, but I’m well aware “normal” people are not impressed with such imagery.  It’s one of many lies I made up as I told it while at work.  When you tell stories like this, it’s important to provide a level detail that makes your audience wonder if you might just be telling the truth.  Truth is, I don’t have a dog.  I’ve never been one to post a lot of stuff about myself on here, and if I’m telling personal stories, I may well be full of shit.