Fat Guy Says What?

7 04 2012

I just got a response to a very old post that I’m still quite proud of, Internet Mind-readers and the Fragile Fat Girl Ego. I don’t remember exactly what I said in that, but I felt really smart at the time.

I am 22 year old male who is 5′ 9″ and weighs about 220 pounds. Yes, I am fat. Recently this (fatter) black girl decided to randomly message me saying “your fat, ugly and not ok”. I sent her a bomb of an intellectual hate mail back and got banned.

That’s exceedingly hilarious. That presumably took place on some dating site, a detail that should be included if you’re telling a story about such an environment. “You’re fat, ugly and not OK” is God-damned funny! This should not bother you or make you upset in any way. If this took place on OKCupid, the proper response would have been to go on the forums and share the experience. Generally, nothing good comes of expressing anger at people on the internet.  If you got that upset, you do, in fact, have a fragile ego of a fat girl, if not worse. That’s pathetic.

I think people who objectively spread negativity at random are immoral cunts (be them guy or girl). Being fat is one thing but causing others pain because that’s a coping mechanism for their ill head that’s worse.

Geezus. I know you’re pretty young, but you’re old enough to learn that you’re thinking like a child. There is no practical reason for passing moral judgement on anyone’s being fat or acting thoughtlessly. You’re doing this so you can compare yourself to her, so you can paint her as the bad guy and yourself as the victim. This is not necessary! The facts speak for themselves! She said something mean to you that hurt your feelings, but you should have immediately recognized her words as meaningless.

And in this person’s mind they do not associate with themselves being fatter than me; their mind defends itself from believing that and they hypocracize and who knows becomes a serial killer of fat men.

Yes, the behavior is clear some sort of defense mechanism or projection or something like that. The only reaction this shit deserves is that you look down at her and laugh at her. If you’re a bit evolved it should give you pause, make you wonder if your own brain is so equipped to fool itself.

In my defense, I have had therapeutic chemical tools for the last 3 years that made me gain 33% of my body’s weight in the process. I was a healthy 155 pounded human being. Now I weigh 220 pounds.

Why do you talk like this? Is English your second language? You should clearly state that you’ve been on some drug that made you fat. This is a common and commonly understood phenomena. You could even say what drug it is! Your privacy is pretty safe here. Nobody knows who you are and nobody cares!

I am confident and content and know I need to lose weight to reduce my hypertension among other things. But I guess my argument stands, pass in nice thoughts you want to communicate to others.

What argument? Maybe you made one in your head, but you haven’t done so in this message. You don’t sound confident or content. If you were, you wouldn’t be so upset about things of no consequence.

You’ll most likely not meet anyone you talk to on the internet because the temptation to falsify info and make fraudulent dating accounts is to be expected.

A lot of people end up in relationships with people they’ve met through the internet, including me. Although, the level of attention most guys get on dating sites is underwhelming, to put it mildly. The numbers are such that fat chicks will confidently reject fat dudes. Have a profile up here or there, but don’t take this shit seriously. Doing so makes you appear desperate (which you clearly are). Don’t take yourself too seriously in your profile, don’t put a lot of energy into contacting girls, have no expection that any of them will ever reply, and for God’s sake don’t get excited if a chick messages you. If you’re going to burn calories meeting women, do so in meatspace. This can help turn you into the kind of dude women find attractive.

And someones profile photos are most likely to be outdated. And peoples sexual orientation is most likely inaccurate, especially in younger crowds.

What the fuck are you talking about? Inaccurate photos are a always possible, and I feel strongly that people should meet as soon as there’s a hint of mutual interest, before you feel like you have anything to lose, when you have no expectations. Of course, you could be the type of person who always has expectations, but having them crushed a few times should put an end to that nonsense. I have no idea what you’re on about regarding sexual orientation. What is in it for anyone to lie about that?

People are testing the waters, and for our audience’s sake lets hope that someone who posted an outdated fat picture loses weight.

Okay. I’ll put that near the bottom of my list of things to hope for. Who cares?

The most important question to ask yourself is: do we want whats best for ourselves vs. Do we want whats best for ourselves and others? Helping others in turn helps you.

That’s not the most important question for me to ask myself. I have a strong desire to attempt in futility to make the world a better place by arguing with idiots and saying things that most people are too God-damned nice to say. I don’t need anyone to talk me into helping others, including people I’ll never meet who I don’t personally care about. If I need anything, I need the opposite. I need to be reminded that I can’t fix the world and that most people are too dumb to ever get it.

Why not ask a fatties you’re attracted to be your work out buddy or better yet, ignore them alltogether.

I’m not attracted to fatties. Nobody is! That’s kind of been my point!

hope I corrected some of your thoughts.

You’re fucking delusional if you think coming to my blog and crying some emotional nonsense at me would get me to think differently. Anyway, you seem like a nice kid who’s mommy lied to him his whole life about him already being good enough. You’re not, and you never were, but you can get better. I’m not even talking about you being fat. Grow up and become a man.

I kind of want to try and help you, but I’m out of gas for now, and I don’t fully understand what your problem is. I honestly don’t know why you’re angry.



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