Because I want to keep this blog intelligble to outsiders, I thought I’d start defining terms as I go, should someone need a definition. I’ll add more as I go

HBD – Human Bio Diversity – the concept that there is diversity in intelligence and behavioral traits among humans of different races

MRA – Men’s Rights Activist or Men’s Right Activism

Post-feminism – This refers to the current state of things, how many/most of the ideas of second-wave feminists have now become mainstream, common knowledge, or part of the zeitgeist. The idea that women are just as good as men at everything used to be a feminist idea, but now is just one of those many things that everybody knows.

PUA – Pick-up Artist or Pick-up Artistry

Roissysphere – A large collection of blogs, forums, and commenters who are a familiar with Roissy, aka Citizen Renegade.

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