Teh Internets

Flash Games & Movies

Newgrounds.com – This site has been around for years. It’s a flash portal. People from all over the internet submit their flash movies and games here for people to vote on. The quality of this stuff is amazing compared to what you’d find on here 10 years ago. Pay attention to the ratings. They range from suitable for kids to cartoon porn. There are lots of tasteless contributions.

The Assassin collection is a good example of how easy it was to entertain people on the internet in the late 90’s. Most of these are that old, pre columbine, and they used to have a logo with a guy in a trench coat. They got some negative publicity for that.

Fantastic Contraption – This is a great simple physics game. It’s free to play, but for $10 you can make your own levels and play user-created levels. When I started playing, there were 21 levels and now there are 42. I don’t know if you can play them all if you don’t pay, but the first 21 can keep you busy for a long time, especially if you don’t search youtube for solutions.

VirtualNES.com – Hundreds of 8-bit NES games in flash.

CrazyMonkeyGames – I like their thing-thing series and their tribute to the Raiden I & II arcade games.

Funny Shit

Passive Aggressive Notes – Mostly notes that people leave for each other at work. They’re all aggressive, but some aren’t so passive. I like these.

Oddly Specific – Mostly signs that are, in fact, oddly specific, like a warning sign that says “BEYOND THIS POINT YOU MAY ENCOUNTER NUDE SUNBATHERS EATING WAFFLES”. It’s pretty awesome.

Hacked IRL – Signs that weren’t funny until someone hacked them.

Funny Signs – Just signs. Less awesome.

T-Shirt Hell – This is the only online store I can think of that has made me laugh hard enough to cry.

Stupid Links

ratemypoo.com (nsfw)

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