Pandora is an internet radio web app where you build your own radio stations. You tell it what you like and it guess what else you like. I have many stations. Over the years my tastes have changed a bit. The older I get the more types of music I like and the pickier I am about the bands and songs within any one genre. I’m primarily a metal-head, but I’m not a metal elitist, and I enjoy super soft-stuff like Death Cab for Cutie. My current favorite things are Gojira, Lamb of God, all of Max Cavalera’s bands, Horse the Band, Fear Factory (who just surprised me with a brand new album that kicks ass), and Hatebreed. My all-time favorites include Pantera, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Alice in Chains, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Type O Negative, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, and Metallica (old, obviously).

My Pandora Stations:

Metal – Metal, obviously. My first Pandora station. This should be heavily centered around American power/thrash/groove metal from the 90’s on. It plays more metalcore than I’d prefer. I don’t want Pandora to think I dislike that genre altogether. This is my main station.

Wood – This is good for music that’s older than me. Lots of classic rock, some blues, maybe even country. I don’t listen to it much.

Glass – I like a lot of electronic music, and this is an attempt to put it all together in one station. Pandora screws it up here and there, but it usually works pretty good.

Air – Slow and mellow stuff from various genres. This is for music you can fall asleep or make love to. It screws up sometimes, which sucks if you’re actually asleep or whatever.

Mud – Hard rock, some punk, grunge alternative, indie, stuff that doesn’t fit elsewhere. This is the place to find what I (and seemingly everyone else) was listening to when I was in high school. It also plays stuff from my indie era, which basically ended three years ago when I was learned to love metal again. This is my other main station.

Universe – Before I knew you could mix stations, I made this to cover everything I like. I still like it though. This is my other other main station.

Suicidal Tendencies Radio – This is the only station I have seeded with just one band. You will hear interesting stuff here.

Scary Music – This is an attempt to build a station that plays music I would find appropriate at a Halloween party. It is not for extremely harsh metal.

FUCKING HEAVY!! – This is for extremely harsh metal and shit that’s hard to listen to if you’re not in the mood. Most people never get into that mood. It’s not very well refined.

Music That Won’t Get You Laid – I posted a blog about this a in 2008. It has lots of Scandanavian and German metal and Dragonforce. I don’t really like most of this. I just made the station to illustrate the label I attempted to create. Some of it’s alright, I guess.

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