I need to write more

1 12 2009

I keep starting blog entries without finishing them. I’ve become concerned about the quality of my writings, after re-reading some of the old ones. Years of arguing on short-attention-spanned internet forums has caused me to overemphasize brevity. Once upon a time, I would write wordy time-consuming thought-out responses only to find that few ever seemed to read them. The conversation would continue as if I’d said nothing. I learned to cut it down, but lately I’ve been overdoing it. I somehow expect other people to be already be on the same page with me in the middle of my thoughts.

Anyway, since I’ve noticed this, I’ve been much more concerned about quality. This concern combined with my laziness is keeping me from finishing anything.



31 10 2009

Myspace alerted me to a new blog post today, but I discovered that I can’t read it because I’m no longer friends with the author.

Fuck. Third time in the last six months. I don’t blame her. I owe her this, if that’s what she wants, but I’m not fucking happy with that. 😦

This is cheesy, but it popped into my head:

In other news, there’s going to be a Halloween party at my house tonight. Come on over if you know where I live. Costumes are mandatory.