Fucking Italians

13 12 2009

There’s some new reality show on MTV called “Jersey Shore”, where they follow around a bunch of young spoiled “guidos” and “guidettes” who like to party or something. I don’t know. I haven’t seen and probably never will. Anyway, the show is getting heat from Italian-American organizations for promoting the negative stereotypes of Italians. Hell, the show is probably creating all new stereotypes in the minds of viewers, but ya know… IT’S NOT FICTION! Nobody wrote this shit! these are actual douchebags and sluts who probably didn’t behave much differently before assholes with cameras started following them around. Is MTV supposed to cancel the show to prevent white America from learning more a small group of slightly less white* American brats?

guido hits guidette

The girl is part of the show and MTV used this clip in a Promo for the show. That’s what really got the crybabies all angry. But, once again, it happened for real. The guy was arrested, is facing charges, and was suspended from his job, as a NYC alternative school gym teacher. HA!

From this article in the New York Post:

It’s a low-rent version of “The Sopranos,” said André DiMino, president of the Italian-America service organization, UNICO.

” ‘The Sopranos’ are at one end of the spectrum, the Mafioso, and then this is the other — bimbos and buffoons. This is how we’re being portrayed,” he said yesterday.

“It’s worse than I could have ever imagined, the lowest form of stereotyping you can ever see.”

I thought these people were stupid when they were crying about The Sopranos, as the show was modeled after the actual existing Italian American crime families that operate on the East coast. How realistic it was is hard for me to know, but now they’re crying about a show that depicts reality, and I want them to die of cancer. The word “portrayal” implies some separation from reality, like a work of fiction. Don’t fall for this idiocy; realize that they’re trying to censor real life.

Some stereotypes are true.

Actually, most of them are.

Black people like fried chicken.

White people like mayonnaise.

Indians (from India) smell.

Irish people are drunks.

Indians (from America) are worse drunks.

Asians are smart.

Jews are thrifty.

Gypsies steal shit.

Russians are morose and age rapidly. They tend to drink, but I think this is more a byproduct of their dark mood than genetic predisposition to addiction like with the above mentioned drunks.

* – For some folks, “white” refers specifically to Anglos, and Italians are sometimes seen as a minority, especially by those oh-so-many Italian-American organizations.

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