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7 07 2009

The following is from my myspace blog with some added newness:

When you look at the way the how social dynamics have changed in the western world, it is inevitable to ask, “what the fuck happened? How did things change so drastically so fast?” I’m talking about how in western Christian society most men and women got married at a young age, produced and raised children together, and stayed together until one of them died; but now in western countries more than half of all marriages end in divorce and it is more common than not for children to grow up without their biological fathers. This is a very serious problem and if you don’t see it as such, I just don’t know what to say to you. There are women who get pregnant and never tell the father insisting that they don’t need him. This is horrible. If you do this and you manage to be able to provide for your own child without tax-funded help, good for you, but you’re still a horrible person. You may not need that man, but your child needs a father. Raising a boy without a dad raises the likelihood of him becoming a violent criminal at least ten-fold. Raising a girl without a father pretty much ensures that she will never be able to raise a family of her own with a suitable mate. I may be seriously offending people I love and care about by saying this, but I just don’t care right now. This is too important to go unsaid.

Update: A friend of mine told me about a woman who’s daughter he suspected may have been his. They were not dating and don’t know each other very well. She had insisted that it was her ex-boyfriend’s and further insisted on raising the child on her own. The alleged father was an asshole and she didn’t need him. This inspired my harsh language. Now, she wants my friend to get  a paternity test and insists that he is the father. The child is a year old. There is no excuse for such behavior. I had previously advised him to secretly obtain a DNA sample from the child and buy a DIY paternity test from Walgreens. He deserves to know, but he doesn’t deserve to be treated as a criminal, which is what will happen if she gets proof that he’s a dad. I now advise him to run.

I just read an article by F. Roger Delvin that was printed in 2006. It’s 30 pages long and I want you to read it dispassionately. That means that if you come accross premises or conclusions that you strongly reject that you simply acknowledge that you disagree and read on. Even if you find yourself hating the author, you should still read on because you will definitely learn something. It is very politically incorrect and shits all over modern feminism. I don’t agree with everything the guy says, but I’m with the guy for the most part. Being able to read or listen to someone with whom you strongly disagree demonstrates that you are able to think critically, which seems to be a skill most Americans lack, especially among the young.

This is the link to the article

This link has this and two other articles by the same man, the latter of which was never published.

What he’s basically saying is that sometime in the 1960’s, the feminist movement started and women started demanding what they thought they wanted or what they thought would make them happier. They got it and we are now all worse off for it. He notes that the great majority of divorces are initiated by or initiated at the insistence of women and forces the reader to wonder why. He forces women to reexamine their complaint that men are “afraid” of commitment. In marriage, women usually having nothing to lose and everything to gain while the opposite is true for men. I would say that any man who is reluctant to move in with, marry, or have children with a women is probably a guy with a good head on his shoulders if he’s also willing to remain faithful. Guys willing to sacrifice their lives for girls are stupid and aren’t at all ready for that level of commitment.
What really forced me to think about this is how my mother’s parents have been married for over 50 years, while only one of their ten children managed to follow through on the vows of her first marriage, and she’s no longer with us. Things don’t look much better with my generation. My sister and I both have children. I’m divorced and she was never married. This progression (or regression) fits in well with everyone I know. Clearly, a very significant change has occurred, and I think it’s time to acknowledge it and come up with a way to deal with it even if you don’t like the anti-feminist spin of the author of the article I want you to read.

What he seems to advocate is the marriage strike, the movement where more and more men refuse to get married and refuse to procreate. This is supposed to force women to see what the really want and would really make them happy. Another solution I’ve seen is for more and more young men to learn the art of pick-up. From the young man’s perspective this is about guys who are sexually unsatisfied (almost all men) learning how to become men that women are sexually attracted to. I don’t think this can hurt, but it’s not a complete solution. It goes a long way toward satisfying the sexual desires of men and women, but it doesn’t do anything to address the issue of procreation.

For now, my advice to young men is not to supplicate yourself. Do not “put the pussy on a pedestal” as the saying goes. Do not sacrifice yourself for her sake. Never allow your entire future to depend on the irrational whims of some woman. Don’t get married or have children with an American woman. If you must get married, get a pre-nup or do so outside of the western world in a place where men are still valued. Also, when listening to a woman, unless she’s your mother or grandmother, you cannot take her words litteraly. Women do not communicate with words the way men do. Listen to her eyes; hear what she’s not saying. I struggle to interperet woman-speak, and can’t begin to teach anyone else how, but know that if you aqcuire this skill your life will be much less frustrating.

It’s very weird seeing myself trying to advise men on such things. I don’t feel like an expert. I had a good buzz going at the time.

My advice for women is to reject the low-lifes and criminals you find exciting. Understand that a man who tells you everything you want to hear, is telling you everything you want to hear. Men lie. Why? Because it helps them get what they want. Understand that most men have very strong emotions even though they may not show them. Have fun with exciting guys when you’re young, if you absolutely must, but do not have children with anyone you do not have a mutual life-long commitment with. Try your best to learn by your mid-twenties the qualities that make a good husband and father and be happy when you find this in someone.

This is even weirder. I think I have a pretty good grip on pathological behavior in women, but I don’t know how to fix them. This might just be entirely futile.

As grim as the scenario looks to me, I do believe there are good couples out there. In the perfect couple, the woman views her man as the best man in the world and laughs at anyone who presumes they could ever take his place. She makes him happy and he knows that because of her, his life is better than that of every other man he knows. He would proudly risk certain death with a smile on his face to protect hers.

Oh God. It’s been a long time since I posted a blog about anything serious…